Pre Research Training conference brought to you by the Research Exchange committee PRT is a training program that aims to increase the scientific knowledge, technical skills, and general motivation of the outgoing students before conducting a research. March 10th and 11th
١٠ مارس ٢٠١٧, ٢:٠٠ م
Health Science Center

The aims and objectives of KuMSA's PRT:

- Increase the scientific and academic recognition of SCORE by having well-trained outgoing research students.

- Provide exchange students to have a better exchange and research period by increasing their scientific knowledge, technical skills, and general motivation.

- Provide students a better understanding of the role of research in medicine.

- Provide exchange students adequate knowledge about research planning and execution.

- Improve students' capability by providing basic biostatistics knowledge including statistical analyzing programs.

- Raise the exchange students' awareness on intercultural issues; as prejudice, cultural iceberg, ethnocentrism, right communication, and tolerance.