Medical and Surgical Updates Conference

A word from the Founder

A warm welcome to all my colleagues and fellow scholars. I am very excited to announce the launch of KuMSA's Annual Medical and Surgical updates (KuMSA-MSU). My team and I have worked hard throughout the summer months to bring you a unique experience of continuous updates in the ever-evolving field of medicine.


KuMSA-MSU was founded with one goal in mind: To form a union of students, scholars and academic porfessors, with the goal of staying on top of the latest medical and surgical breakthroughs, and to bring them closer to home, our beloved Kuwait.


Our website was created to keep you informed of upcoming events, as well as to serve as a database for previous accomplishments and meetings for your educational purpose. 


Finally, with most current students ready for the new academic year, I would like to formally announce that registration for our first upcoming medical and surgical updates is now open, and we are all looking forward to making this conference an unforgettable kickstart to the new year.


I hope to see you all in the near future.

Best wishes,

Dr. Abdullah Al Awadhi